Monthly Stats by Neighborhood

If you like to follow high level single family real estate trends and see how the past month compared to the last 12 – the monthly stats are for you.

Although zooming into your prefered neighborhood is a good place to start, it’s best to take this data and see how it compares to other neighborhoods.

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Alki: The Start of Something Great

Welcome! I’m your guide as we explore the different neighborhoods that make up the Pacific Northwest. We’ll discover hidden gems and I’ll introduce you to the people that live here. Every month I’ll showcase a different neighborhood. For my first article I symbolically chose to write about the place where Seattle also received its start – Alki.

In the fall of 1851 a group of settlers known as the Denny Party made their way to the Puget Sound. They staked their claim on Alki Point. Within a year it was decided that the area now known as Pioneer Square would work better as a port, and to make a long story short, the rest is history.

Many of our familiar street names (that we have no choice but to stare at while stuck in traffic) have come from the names of those in the Denny Party: Boren, Bell and of course, Denny.

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