Spade and Archer Design Agency

From Warehouse to Home

What would it be like if a recent home buyer could do Supermarket Sweep through the Spade and Archer warehouse? In one word, incredible! Although you won’t be able to unleash a shopping cart the size of a moving truck through Spade and Archer’s warehouse, I can give you some of their tips when it comes to decorating your home.

About Spade and Archer

At the end of 2015, Spade and Archer opened their Seattle warehouse location in Sodo. In the short time there, they have streamlined and perfected the art of warehousing home staging materials.

Justin Riordan, the founder of Spade and Archer, walked me through the meticulously organized warehouse that is piled high with tables, chairs, couches, and mattresses. It’s clear Justin doesn’t just have a passion for home decor, but also for logistics and marketing; Justin is truly a unicorn in the home staging business.

The designers that Justin hires shouldn’t be overlooked either; Spade and Archer designers all have degrees in design and go through months of training. Justin has created a process for warehousing, consulting, designing, and installing home staging that is seamless. Even though every home is different, when his team arrives at a home, everyone knows the drill and his designers spend more time fine tuning the finished product rather than fixing mistakes.

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