Pike Place & The Hmong Florists

If you find yourself standing at 1st and Pike, cobblestone street beneath your feet and facing the iconic ‘Public Market Center’ sign, just to the right you’ll see another, more unassuming sign: ‘Meet the Producer.’ Most people don’t give this second sign a thought (even though it’s in the same number of selfies as the first sign) but it’s this second sign, and what it represents, that gives Pike Place its magic.

Pike Place opened in 1907, making it one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the US. It’s also ranked as Seattle’s most popular tourist destination and ranked 33rd in the world. The market is filled with the typical things: flowers, crafts, fruits, veggies and seafood (albeit it’s flying); what makes Pike Place special isn’t just what’s being sold, but who is selling it.

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Real Estate: A Career & A Calling

In 2005 my husband and I were infatuated with buying a home of our own and no longer wished to rent. To get started we asked my husband’s coworker for a referral and connected with an agent. Being the analytical types, my husband and I looked at 30+ houses, which in this market doesn’t seem so crazy for first-time buyers, and we finally found something that worked for us.

During the house hunting process I had my first glimmer of becoming an agent. My first experience as a home buyer left me believing the real estate profession was dysfunctional and in need of an overhaul. At the time, I was too deep into becoming an architect to let myself consider changing career paths, but I made a deal with myself that once I had my architecture license I could pivot.

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