Has Uptown Forgotten About Schools?

The Uptown community is historically dependent on the rest of Queen Anne for its city services and is still called Lower Queen Anne by many. Uptown has spent years trying to create its own identity separate from Queen Anne. The Uptown Alliance has been working hard to build a voice for their community and I praise them for their tireless advocacy.

This month the Uptown Preliminary Rezone Recommendation Director’s Report was published. In this document, Uptown is called a neighborhood, a regional center, and a district. What is new to hear is that the report calls Queen Anne an “interested neighbor”. I argue Uptown is not an independent entity and Queen Anne is more than a neighbor to Uptown.

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Isn’t It Time to Landmark the Coliseum?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Four years ago Michael Herschensohn was published on Crosscut.com asking one of the same questions I am asking today.

Today, a landmark designation for the Coliseum, or KeyArena as newcomers might call it, is a certainty. But as a relative Seattle newcomer myself, I beg the question, why wasn’t it landmarked before? My guess is the recession, plus a dash of politics, had something to do with it.

Let’s hypothesize for a minute, that the Coliseum is landmarked this year – now what? Seattle Center is motivated to keep the Coliseum as an entertainment venue and ideally attract a professional basketball team and unrealistically attract a professional hockey team. Seattle Center is inclined to keep their revenue stream alive and well for themselves. I understand Seattle Center’s intentions, but I view them as solely self-serving.

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