Lane Williams Architects // LWA

Lane Williams recently embarked on a challenge he’s made a habit of. He wanted to find a new home that could accommodate an office space for his practice, but this time he wanted to find something on a street with less traffic. Lane landed on a Tudor situated on the historic Queen Anne Boulevard.

It might seem like an unusual juxtaposition for Lane Williams to choose a Tudor for his home, but he’s conquering a second challenge. How does a modern architect design within and around a common traditional style?

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Sheri Olson’s Kitchen Remodel

Sheri Olson is no stranger to kitchen remodels. As an architect, she has plenty of knowledge on what products to use and how to maximize space. However for her own home, she did have to pay extra attention on how to make a new kitchen work for her West Seattle mid-century home.

Sheri’s kitchen is compact, but open, and the entire house pinwheels from the space. Sheri specifically bought a mid-century home because she loves the simple and clean spaces they provide. For Sheri, the trick to a remodeling project is to make the new space blend with the old and not to try to make it look original.

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