The 3 L’s: Location, Light, & Lot

When a view sells you on a house, that likely means there is still work to be done. For Julie & Brandon they bought their 1918 bungalow in 2013 and were actually scared of the unfinished basement. The unfinished basement is what scared a lot of other buyers away from the house and they were able to capitalize on that fact.

Julie & Brandon’s house sits on the top of Queen Anne’s western slope, which is what gives the house such great views. The slope is also the reason the basement renovation was not your average bear. The basement had multiple levels and a home-job patchwork of finishes. Even before moving into the house Julie & Brandon had ideas on how they could manage the various levels of the basement and build out a laundry room, bedroom, bathroom, family room, and storage space. Once they moved into the house the next hurdle was for Julie, she was now entering into the world of contractor and renovation management.

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Starting Fresh on Queen Anne

When building a new house in Seattle be prepared to hurry up and wait. Plan to also make decisions on more minute details than you thought possible.

In 2014, Ashley and Chris Rossman enlisted me to help them find a build-able lot on the top of Queen Anne. They were anticipating that the hunt for the perfect property could take months, if not a year. The Rossman’s lucked out when two properties to their liking came on the market within the first few weeks of searching. They ended up beating out a few other offers and getting the property they wanted the most. All of this was happening as Ashley was in her final week of pregnancy with their second child.

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