Lane Williams Architects // LWA

Lane Williams recently embarked on a challenge he’s made a habit of. He wanted to find a new home that could accommodate an office space for his practice, but this time he wanted to find something on a street with less traffic. Lane landed on a Tudor situated on the historic Queen Anne Boulevard.

It might seem like an unusual juxtaposition for Lane Williams to choose a Tudor for his home, but he’s conquering a second challenge. How does a modern architect design within and around a common traditional style?

Lane’s first project on his Tudor was to add office space. At the front of the house he devised a sunken patio that skillfully composes access to his private home with an obvious, yet discrete, office entry. The entry to his office employs a floor to ceiling movable window wall from Quantum Windows & Doors. The basement also has a studio space for his team, and a spare bedroom and bathroom. Lane completed this first project with the help of Weitzel Construction.

After focusing time and energy on the interior, Lane shifted gears and transformed his backyard from a formal english garden into a modern oasis. A Geolam deck, large enough to fit a few lounge chairs from Design Within Reach, sits a few steps above a patio with Basalt Pavers from Marenakos.

Pacific Landscaping did the installation, but the plants and containers come from a mixture of sources: Swanson’s Nursery, Ravenna Gardens, and Wells Medina Nursery. Lane utilized his go-to ground cover combination of Scotch Moss and Black Mondo Grass.

Lane is in the midst of completing more interior projects on his Tudor. Stay tuned to see how he continues to pair his modern aesthetic with his home’s traditional style.