2016 Condo Report

Seattle area condos saw the annual median sale price increase by 13.3% over 2015, while Eastside condos rose 16.0%. Both regions experienced stronger appreciation in condos than in single-family homes—an early indicator that affordability is becoming a factor for local home buyers and evidence that millennials have entered the market in force.

Downtown Seattle-Belltown had the most sales volume in the Greater Seattle-Eastside region with 933 units sold in 2016. An extreme shortage of condos available indicates 2017 will remain a strong seller’s market for Seattle-Eastside region condos.

Looking for a newer condo? You’re most likely to find one in Downtown Seattle-Belltown or East Lake Sammamish. Want the largest 2-bedroom condo you can find? With an average of 1,420 square feet, West Bellevue would be your best bet.

The most affordable condos, with 2 bedroom units selling for around $250,000, can be found in the Lake Forest Park-Kenmore and Richland-Shoreline neighborhoods. At the other end of the spectrum, Downtown Seattle-Belltown condos sell, on average, for more than 4 times that amount with an average sale price in 2016 of $1,053,000.

Take a look at the full 2016 Year End Condo Report, in it you will find information on condo sales by neighborhood for the entire Seattle-Eastside region. The data includes average sale prices; typical size, bedroom count and age of condo buildings in each area; the number of units sold annually; and the average cost per square foot. While every condo building is unique unto itself, looking at overall prices within a region can show trends.

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