Refound Homes: Restoration for Keeps

For Zuleyha Duz and David Tuniman renovating their Green Lake home won’t be their first enterprise into home restoration, in fact it’s what they do as a profession. As founders of Refound Homes they have restored and sold three Seattle homes. For Zuleyha and David the only difference with this project is that it’s for keeps.

The Refound Homes philosophy is simple in idea: find a special old home, restore it’s quintessential charm, work with it’s inherent high level of craftsmanship, and add the modern luxuries that will make the home endure. Zuleyha admits this is not the fastest, easiest, or most profitable approach to renovating homes, but for her it is the most rewarding.

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Starting Fresh on Queen Anne

When building a new house in Seattle be prepared to hurry up and wait. Plan to also make decisions on more minute details than you thought possible.

In 2014, Ashley and Chris Rossman enlisted me to help them find a build-able lot on the top of Queen Anne. They were anticipating that the hunt for the perfect property could take months, if not a year. The Rossman’s lucked out when two properties to their liking came on the market within the first few weeks of searching. They ended up beating out a few other offers and getting the property they wanted the most. All of this was happening as Ashley was in her final week of pregnancy with their second child.

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